Ben Sack

At the heart of Sack’s technical work is the paradoxical flexibility of perspective and its relationship to infinity on a two-dimensional surface.

A personal visual code manifests itself in the synthesis of disparate architectural and symbolic forms, personally imagined and studied in travels around the world, from Etruscan ruins to Senegalese cities to East Coast suburban sprawl, from the ancient water villages of Shanghai to the petroglyphs of the Middle East to the recent, burgeoning buildings of Manhattan.

For Sack, an urban landscape becomes a poetic medium and a means of expressing and considering the labyrinthine relationships between the distant and the near, the foreign and the familiar.

Sack studied at Virginia Commonwealth University and currently resides just outside of Washington, D.C.


Ben Sack


The artist realized in 2019 during an exhibition in Paris, this original drawing entitled “Paris” measuring 150 x 150 cm, depicting the City of Light with its main monuments and axes.

Based on photos and plans, Ben Sack produced this spectacular work, which took several months to complete, using ink pen and hand. He had never before been to Paris at the time of the work’s creation.

This symbolic edition of 75 copies pays tribute to the French capital, but also to the artist’s masterpiece.

270 TTC