Born in Le Mans on March 12, 1996 to an Italian mother and a French father. Tiziano lives and works [...]

Aldo Sergio

Aldo Sergio was born in Salerno in 1982. After graduating in art, he studied anthropology at the University of Perugia, an experience that led him to develop a holistic approach to art.


Artist, graffiti artist and painter, John Andrew Perello, better known as JonOne, was born in New York in 1963. He began tagging in the streets of Harlem at the age of 17, decorating walls and subway trains with his lettering and his then blaze: “Jon156”.


Brusk develops his creativity from a very young age. With a pencil in his hand, he spends his time doodling until his encounter with graffiti and hip hop in 1991.


Erró gained international recognition as a leader in figurative storytelling and a pioneer of painted collage, which he compared to automatic writing.

Ben Sack

At the heart of Sack’s technical work is the paradoxical flexibility of perspective and its relationship to infinity on a two-dimensional surface.

Lucas Price

Excluded from the London school because of his early experiences with graffiti, Lucas Price (Cyclops) settles in Manchester and plunges into a marginal existence marked by addiction.

El Teneen

El Teneen “the Dragon” is the pseudonym of an anonymous 29-year-old Egyptian graffiti artist whose work gained popularity and notoriety in Egypt following the Egyptian revolution of 2011.